Synthetic Turf Fields

Synthetic Turf Fields

R.A.D. Sports has a dedicated Synthetic Turf Division which we utilize to self-perform synthetic turf installation and maintenance. The ability to self-perform this scope of work sets us apart as most of our competitors have to subcontract this out. This lets us better control dispatching resources, meeting demanding schedules and ensuring that the work performed consistently meets the high standards we set for ourselves. We are also equipped to return after the initial install to provide maintenance and snow removal services.

Our Synthetic Turf Division is led by Robert M. Delmonico, President of R.A.D. Sports, who is an American Sports Builder Association (ASBA) Certified Field Builder (CFB). He has earned and maintains this licensure by being highly educated and experienced in all aspects of synthetic turf and natural turf field building.

New Construction and
Synthetic Turf Conversion

New construction and converting an existing natural turf field to synthetic turf have similar construction milestones. First, we dispatch heavy metal equipment to perform earthwork until the site achieves subgrade. We then install drainage stone and drainage pipe. The shock pad and synthetic turf come next, with the synthetic turf held in place by the concrete turf curb around the perimeter of the field.

We then top dress the field with infill, typically a combination of crumb rubber and sand. This makes the fibers of the turf stand up straight, which helps to recreate the feel and playability of a natural turf field. Next, we perform a GMAX test, in which an object is dropped from various heights to make sure the field surface is within a safe range of firmness. Too soft and it will feel like you are on the beach, too hard and it becomes unsafe.

Turf Replacement

The main advantages of a synthetic turf field are its capacity for extended periods of play without needing to rest or having to reschedule a game because of rain. After years of use, synthetic turf will eventually need to be replaced. The typical warranty for a synthetic turf field provided by the manufacturer is eight years. We are proud to say that most of our fields typically last over a decade, with regularly scheduled maintenance and prompt repairs helping to extend the lifecycle of the field.

For example, we originally installed the synthetic turf field in the Town of Needham’s Defazio Park in 2008. We returned in 2019 to replace the synthetic turf, and have been regularly performing testing, maintenance, and painting visits to the fields since then.


After you’ve invested in a top-rated athletic facility, it is vital to make sure that it’s properly taken care of. Let our dedicated Maintenance Division team ensure that your facility is up to industry standards.

We offer these commonly requested maintenance services:

  • Grooming – This helps decompact the infill, making a safer surface for athletes. This process also helps remove any surface debris.
  • Gmax Testing – This tests the firmness of the surface and can indicate if a field has reached its end of life, needs a top dressing to replace displaced infill, or needs a grooming visit to help decompact infill in high traffic areas.
  • HIC Testing – This tests the firmness of the surface specifically in relation to head injuries. It is another data point that can be used to determine where the field is in its lifecycle and what level of repair or maintenance is required to ensure that it remains a safe playing surface.
  • Top Dressing – This supplements the infill already in your field and can be a simple solution to expanding the lifespan of your field and ensuring the safety of the surface for athletes.  
  • Painting – If your field does not have tufted or inlaid sports lines then you’ll need to have them painted.  We have the capability to do this by hand or with our Turf Tank robot.
  • Repairs – Whether it is a base depression, seam repair, vandalism or burn marks, our Maintenance Division has seen it all. Let us put our experience to work and get your field back in tip top shape.
  • Snow Removal – We can safely remove snow from your field using our dedicated equipment and experienced staff. No one wants to see a huge pile of infill on the sidelines come Spring when the snow melts. Prevent the need to prematurely top dress or accidentally damage your field. Contact us to set up a plan for your snow removal needs.
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Partners in the Game


By choosing R.A.D. Sports and Shaw Sports Turf you have selected an elite team that will build you a world class synthetic turf facility. R.A.D. Sports has been partners in the game with Shaw Sports Turf for many years and serves as their New England distribution partner. This partnership provides the benefit of installation and maintenance of your facility by our experienced team while having access to Shaw Sports Turf’s high-performance products.

Planning Execution

Shaw Sports Turf is a leader among synthetic turf companies and is the largest American-owned and operated synthetic turf company in the world.

Shaw Sports Turf has demonstrated industry leadership in both quality and innovation for more than two decades with over 3,500 successful installations, and an impressive list of high-profile stadiums, including the Baltimore Ravens (installed by R.A.D. Sports), Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Arizona Diamondbacks, Miami Marlins, Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and many others.

Engineered for performance and safety, Shaw Sports Turf features a product line designed specifically to meet the needs of athletes and sports programs.

Game On

Shaw Sports Turf leads the industry in innovation with their revolutionary product GAME ON.

GAME ON’s proprietary technology offers a new approach where logos, lines, and numbers are tufted together in one run, limiting the number of seams in your field. This allows you to enhance your entire field with logos, graphics, and messaging. From fields of play to endzones to D-zones, R.A.D. Sports can use GAME ON to tuft in your brand and create an awesome home-field advantage for you!

Non-inlayed hash marks, lines and numbers means less work for the maintenance crew over time, less worry about maintenance issues and an increased element of safety for your players.

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